Yamazaki Lanterns is located near Iidaoka Station, on the Daiyuzan Line, only a six-minute-walk from the station. We offer a variety of chochin, or lanterns in different sizes, such as Yumihari chochin, Takahari chochin, Oke chochin and Hozuki chochin. Each letter on our chochins is carefully handwritten by our craftsmen, according to your request. We can also replace the washi paper of your chochin.


In business since the Meiji period, Yamazaki Lanterns is located in the area that prospered as a pilgrimage route to Daiyuzan Saijoji Temple, and has been a major contributor to the preservation of Odawara lanterns. A generic “lantern” was mentioned in writings dating as far back as 1085, evidence that lanterns have been used in Japan as a lighting device since early times. The origin of Odawara lanterns dates back to the middle of the Edo period when a local craftsman named Jinzaemon invented and began to sell that type of lantern for travelers crossing over the Hakone mountains. At Yamazaki, all kinds of lanterns including Odawara lanterns are made by hand. The traditional technique has been passed down to the fourth-generation craftsman, and his eldest son, the fifth-generation, is now learning that technique from his father. Lanterns we made several decades ago are still in use, and even now, you can appreciate their distinctive style and impressive craftsmanship.


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