The Hakone and Odawara area is home to various valuable traditional woodcrafts and their craftsmanship techniques, which were originated in the early stage of the Heian period. Using those time-honored techniques, we offer a variety of wooden handicrafts such as lacquerware, Yosegi Zaiku marquetry (inlaid mosaic woodwork), wooden toys and souvenir artworks. These items are available through our nationwide sales outlets, especially in the Hakone area, and in addition, they have been exported and loved by customers around the globe. Continuing this long-established expertise, we are committed to creating new-style woodcrafts that complement your lifestyle.


【Main Products】
lacquerware, tableware, wooden toys, Yosegi Zaiku marquetry, miniature boxes, Zougan Zaiku Marquetry, Kumiki wooden toys, Himitsu-bako (wooden secret puzzle boxes), souvenir artworks

Main Projects
【Design Technique Development Project】
・Odawara Hakone Woodcraft Fair
・Hakone Woodcraft Craftsmanship Screening Project (for Hakone Woodcraft Craftsmen)
・Cooperation with the Invention Protection Project
・New Product Development Project

【Shows & Exhibition Project】
・Participating in the International Gift Show (Tokyo, twice a year)
・Odawara Woodcraft Show (Sapporo, twice a year)
・Participating in the National Souvenir Show (Tokyo, once a year)
・Participating in other shows and exhibitions

【Succession Planning Project】
・Nurturing the Youth Group Projects

【Traditional Craft Promotion Project】
・Fostering and Preserving the Traditional Craft Industry


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