History of the Association

While some say Odawara kamaboko was originated in the Edo period, others insist that it was first made in the Sengoku period when the Odawara Hojo family prospered. Either way, one of the factors behind the birth of Odawara kamaboko is the natural advantages of the city, as it is situated on the Pacific coast and is blessed with abundant fisheries resources. In addition, when Odawara flourished as one of the fifty three station cities of the Tokaido Road in the Edo period, kamaboko was served as a side dish to meals for travelers, and as a result, it is said that kamaboko began to gain in popularity. And in modern times, thanks to the expansion of the Tokyo and Yokohama consumer markets as well as the growing popularity of the Hakone-Izu area as a tourist destination, Odawara kamaboko has become well known as a specialty of the region. Given the long history of kamaboko, a group or association of Odawara kamaboko producers has similarly been around for a long time, and it is said that its origin can be traced back to the Meiji or Taisho period.


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