List of Members

Business Name Location Phone Message
Isekane Shouten Ltd. 3-15-5, Hama-cho, Odawara-shi 22-3375 “From kamaboko to inventive fish cakes,” respecting our traditional techniques and flavors.
Kagosei Co., Ltd. 3-5-13, Hon-cho, Odawara-shi 22-0251 In business for 190 years, Kagosei is loyal to using traditional ingredients and techniques, as well as being committed to maintaining the original taste of Odawara kamaboko.
Sakura Kamabokoten Ltd. 3-6-19, Hon-cho, Odawara-shi 22-5729 Each of our products is carefully hand-made. Enjoy the pleasant firm texture and deep, delicate flavor.
Sugikane Shouten Co., Ltd. 3-6-20, Hon-cho, Odawara-shi 22-5051 Finest kamaboko made with fresh mountain water from the Hakone and Tanzawa mountains. We are committed to creating excellent products while maintaining the tradition of Odawara kamaboko.
Sugisei Shouten Ltd. 3-13-54, Hon-cho, Odawara-shi 22-5613 Using only fish that is landed at Odawara Fishing Port, each of our Satsuma-age, or fried fish cakes, is carefully made with white fish meat of excellent quality.
Suzuhiro Co., Ltd. 245, Kazamatsuri, Odawara-shi 22-3191 Founded in 1865, we are dedicated to creating kamaboko renowned for its excellent flavor.
Suzumatsu Kamabokoten Co., Ltd. 3-11-26, Hon-cho, Odawara-shi 22-2228 Each kamaboko is carefully crafted by skilled kamaboko makers, maintaining the traditional taste of Odawara kamaboko. While maintaining tradition and ensuring product safety, we are striving to develop new products, and this has resulted in the success of our popular "Tezukuri Shinjo" and "Odawara Yaki."
Urokoki Co., Ltd. (Tashiroemon Honten Co., Ltd) 3-7-17, Hon-cho, Odawara-shi 22-1315 Having been in business for 230 years, we stick to using the traditional stone-grinding method and offer original Odawara kamaboko of excellent quality.
Tsuchiiwa Shouten Co., Ltd. 1-19-2, Hayakawa, Odawara-shi 23-0361 Long-established and upholding the taste and quality of the original Odawara kamaboko. Only a one-minute-walk from Hayakawa Station, we are often visited by our regular customers who are looking for tasty souvenirs.
Maruu Tashiro Co., Ltd. 3-6-13, Hama-cho, Odawara-shi 22-9221 In business for over 130 years, all of Maruu’s products are of premium quality and using only carefully selected ingredients.
Yamaichi Kamabokoten Ltd. 1-13-15, Hon-cho, Odawara-shi 22-3651 We offer a variety of original products that are lovingly hand-made according to traditional techniques.
Yamajo Kamabokoten Ltd. 3-15-2, Hama-cho, Odawara-shi 24-3050 Founded in 1878, we offer "Yamajo Kamaboko" made with fresh guchi (croaker) meat and fine mountain water from the Tanzawa and Hakone mountains. We pride ourselves on offering an authentic taste of Odawara kamaboko.
Wakiya Kamabokoten Co., Ltd. 3-15-4, Hama-cho, Odawara-shi 24-1511 With a delicate taste and pleasant firm texture - taste and enjoy delicious kamaboko from Wakiya. Our popular hand-made ika-no-shiokara (fermented salted squid) is also available.


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