The Ten Conditions – To Be Certified as Odawara Kamaboko

Odawara and its specialty kamaboko are closely tied to each other, and to us, the kamaboko business means much more than a mere local industry. We are aware of the importance it has to the local community and the great responsibility that we have for it. Considering this, in order to maintain, or enhance even, the quality of Odawara kamaboko while respecting its history and tradition, we, as producers and sellers of Odawara kamaboko, have proudly drawn up the ten conditions for kamaboko products to be certified as Odawara kamaboko.

For a product to be certified as Odawara kamaboko,

1. The producer must strive to preserve the fine quality of Odawara kamaboko, and the quality should be of the level which is also approved by other producers.
2. The producer must carefully select all ingredients so as not to tarnish the credibility of Odawara kamaboko.
3. The producer should be producing high-protein products by making the most of the fish’s natural taste.
4. It must be planked and steamed. (Not including molded kamaboko.)
5. The producer must rigidly uphold the original method, technique and skills involved in producing Odawara kamaboko as well as to continue doing so in the future.
6. The producer’s headquarters must be registered in Odawara City and its business bases must also be located in the city.
7. In principle, the producer must have its own factory in Odawara City. If it is the case that the factory is not located in the city, it can be approved only if the factory is owned by the producer.
8. The producer must have been in business for more than fifty years as a kamaboko producer in Odawara, and must be widely recognised by the public and fellow companies.
9. The management of the producing company must cherish the concepts and traditions of Odawara kamaboko.
10. The producer must be a member of the Odawara Kamaboko Fish Processors Co-Operative Association.

For a product to be certified as Odawara kamaboko, the producer must meet all ten conditions specified above, and the product must meet our standard of essential amino acid content which will be tested chemically.


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