As the sole remaining foundry in Odawara, we offer a variety of foundry pieces which are exhibited for sale in Sahari Gallery Narimonokan, located in our foundry. Leveraging the conventional techniques of making traditional foundry items such as temple bells, fire bells, Buddhist altar articles, chimes, flower vases and braziers, we also create products that complement modern lifestyles. Our range of modern-style items includes lovely wind bells, flower vases, musical instruments, Buddhist altar articles and stationery. Our original alloy constitutions make it possible for our products to produce fascinating resonant sounds. Please pay us a visit and hear them for yourself. You’re sure to come across a sound you love.


The history of the foundry industry in Odawara dates back centuries. The book, Shinpen Sagaminokuni Fudokiko, notes that Yamada Jirozaemon from Kawachi, Osaka opened a foundry in Odawara in 1534, and it is considered to be the origin of the Odawara foundry industry. In 1686, while holding a subordinate position to the Okubo family, one of the powerful ruling families of the day, the Kashiwagi family relocated to Nabe-machi, Odawara, due to the kunigae, or “changes of provinces.” The family opened a foundry, succeeding the tradition of the Odawara foundry, and became Odawara’s renowned sound instrument makers known for their sound instruments called sahari and compression casting techniques. Continuing in the tradition, we are dedicated to creating new foundry products featuring innovative ideas such as furin wind chimes with a hanging strip made of Hakone Yosegi Zaiku marquetry (Hakone inlaid mosaic woodwork) and miniature furin wind chime cell phone charms.


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