Furin (wind chimes)


Goten Furin (palace wind chime), Matsumushi Furin (pine cricket wind chime), Suzumushi Furin (bell cricket wind chime), Tsurigane Furin (hanging bell wind chime), Odawara Chochin Furin (Odawara lantern wind chime), etc.

Flower Vases & Brushpots


Koujiguchi Vase, Rokkaku Sorori Vase, Kotobukiyama, Jurojin, etc.



Gokorei (five-pronged bell), Men Bell (face bell), Hato Bell (pigeon bell), Kongourei (Kongou bell), Mini Bell, Door Bell, Flower Bell, Tennyo Bell (celestial maiden bell), Hansho (fire bell), Futaku (wind bell)

Bunchins (Japanese bunchin paperweights)

Lion, Fish, Water Bird, etc.

Sahari: Copper Tin Alloy

Goten Furin (Palace Wind Chime)

Goten Furin (Palace Wind Chime) – Produces a prolonged resonant sound. This wind chime design became well-known to the public after its appearance in the Kurosawa movie titled Akahige (Red Beard).

Chochin Furin (Lantern Wind Chime)

Chochin Furin (Lantern Wind Chime) – Popular as a souvenir as it is modeled after the Odawara Lantern.

Brass: Copper Zinc Alloy

Matsumushi Furin (Pine Cricket Wind Chime)

Matsumushi Furin (Pine Cricket Wind Chime): The clear tinkling sound resembles a chirp of a pine cricket.

Suzumushi Furin (Bell Cricket Wind Chime)

Suzumushi Furin (Bell Cricket Wind Chime): The beautiful sound resembles the chirp of a bell cricket.

Tsurigane Furin (Hanging Bell Wind Chime)

Tsurigane Furin (Hanging Bell Wind Chime): Created in the motif of a hanging temple bell.

Niren Furin (Double Wind Chime)

Niren Furin (Double Wind Chime): A combination of Matsumushi and Suzumushi Furin.

Furin Tanzaku (Wind Chime Hanging Strip)

Furin Tanzaku (Wind Chime Hanging Strip)

More than fifty types of washi (Japanese paper) strips to choose from. Strips made of Hakone Yosegi Zaiku marquetry (Hakone inlaid mosaic woodwork) are also available.

Celebrations and Special Occasions

Celebrations and Special Occasions

Bunchins (Paperweights used in Japanese calligraphy) and decorative paperweights are available. We also offer name engraving for special occasions.

Small Bells

Small Bell

Made of brass, these little bells produce a beautiful sound.


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