Maaji (Japanese horse mackerel)

Also called hiraaji or honaji. This type of fish is called “blue-backed fish” in Japanese as their back is blue-colored while the stomach-part is pale. A common fish but with a savory taste, it is said that they are called aji as they are good in flavor (“aji” also means “flavor” in Japanese).

Muroaji (brownstriped mackerel scad)

Order Perciformes. Family Carangidae. Genus Decapterus Bleeker. Migrant sea fish with yellow vertical stripes when alive. It contains more glutamine acid and taurine than mackerels and sauries, which are the key ingredients for its savory flavor.

Kamasu (barracuda)

Long-bodied white fish with a light refined taste, abundant in protein as well as minerals such as zinc, phosphorus, potassium and copper. It is also rich in vitamin B6 which helps to metabolize amino acid and synthesize muscle protein, the keys to healthy skin and hair.

Iwashi (sardine)

Iwashi is a corruption of yowashi which literally means “weak.” The term yowashi was used as the fish goes bad right after it is caught. Abundant in fat and protein as well as minerals such as calcium, magnesium and phosphorus - which are the key elements for bone formation.


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